What is the cubic capacity of a 20 foot high cube shipping container

This is the excessive box variation which is the extra famous model of the 20ft container. Why? Because the extra 1 foot at the top gives a sizable increase in box with out impacting the box footprint.

Built from weathering carbon steel, our 20ft shipping boxes are strong, secure, weatherproof units that effectively shield everything inside. Their easy layout makes them one of the most flexible portable storage answers available today.

They are normally used for a huge range of packages such as onsite garage of furniture, equipment, elements or extra stock. Perfect as a makeshift shed or workshop with workbenches, cabinets and strength or for transporting items among places on street or rail.

Features of a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container
A 20ft excessive box transport box consists of the same functions as a standard 20ft unit however with an additional foot of height. Instead of an outside height of 8’6”, a extra-box container stands 9’6” tall. Additional functions include:

Manufactured to conform with ISO standards
Watertight construction
A double door
Some alternatives available with a side opening
Made with anti-corrosive steel
Offers near 1,320 cubic ft of storage
Weight and Dimensions
Here is a more in-depth study the weight and dimensions of the standard 20 feet high cube container:

A trendy 20ft storage box can in shape approximately 10 standard pallets and 11 Euro pallets. As a high-cube container is an additional foot taller at the inside, you could p.c. barely more into the interior. The extra top will increase the volume of the box by approximately a hundred and sixty cubic feet.

Best Uses for 20ft High Cube Units
Cargo containers are constructed more info to preserve cargo while transporting items overseas. However, containers also are appropriate for a huge variety of projects, together with constructing more info a container home or putting in place an area office more info on a remote worksite. Here are some examples.

Build a Container Home
Choosing a 20-foot high-cube cargo box offers you extra clearance as compared to a standard 20-foot box.

The extra height can assist make a container home appear extra spacious and offers you greater flexibility while including home windows and doors. However, you may probably want numerous containers to create a livable space. Another alternative is first of all a 40-foot container.

Erect a Field Office
A 20’ high cube transport container is an excellent size for a field workplace on a faraway worksite. As with a container home, you could enhance the container and complete the interior. After including a desk, chair, and some filing cabinets, you've got a brand new office.

Extra Storage Space
Twenty-foot high-cube containers may also provide an extra efficient garage solution as compared to constructing a shed or storage for your property. Using a container gets rid of the want to construct a frame and upload partitions and roofing.

Transport Larger Oversized Items
Sometimes if you have abnormal shaped or bulky objects, standard height containers simply won’t reduce it. The extra top capability that HC shipping containers provide is good for transporting equipment, machinery, and different uncommon items.

New Versus Used 20-Foot High-Cube Shipping Containers

How Do I Buy a 20’ High Cube Shipping Container?

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